Bus - 3011

3011 Line

Barnetts Rd after Oakes Rd - Junction Rd after Hillcrest Ave


Hillsbus 3011 Bus Stops and Route Schedule

The 3011 Bus (Barnetts Rd after Oakes Rd - Junction Rd after Hillcrest Ave) is a route with 21 stops, departing from Barnetts Rd after Oakes Rd and ending at its Junction Rd after Hillcrest Ave.

  • Barnetts Rd after Oakes Rd

  • Barnetts Rd after Lomond Cres

  • Barnetts Rd opp Euclid St

  • Barnetts Rd opp Lister St

  • Barnetts Rd at Reilleys Rd

  • Reilleys Rd opp Moxhams Rd

  • 30 Reilleys Rd

  • Reilleys Rd before Lanhams Rd

  • Willmott Ave at Tennyson St

  • Model Farms Rd opp Willmott Ave

  • Model Farms Rd before Disraeli Rd

  • Model Farms Rd after Disraeli Rd

  • Asquith Ave before Melbourne Rd

  • Asquith Ave at Disraeli Rd

  • Asquith Ave at Palmerston Ave

  • Junction Rd opp Watkins Rd

  • Watkins Rd opp Craig Ave

  • Watkins Rd at Vincent St

  • Watkins Rd after San Michelle Ave

  • Watkins Rd opp Church of Jesus Christ

  • Junction Rd after Hillcrest Ave

3011 Bus schedule

Day Operating Hours Frequency
Mon 08:32 Single departure
Tue 08:32 Single departure
Wed 08:32 Single departure
Thu 08:32 Single departure
Fri 08:32 Single departure
Sat Not Operational Not Operational
Sun Not Operational Not Operational

3011 Bus Route Map

The route map for 3011 in Sydney will be available soon.

3011 Line Bus fare information

Hillsbus, 3011 Bus fare may fluctuate due to various factors. For detailed information on ticket costs, please visit their official website.

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