Bus - 597W

597W Line

Holy Cross College, Cressy Rd - Lyons Rd West at Innes St

Busways North West

Busways North West 597W Bus Stops and Route Schedule

The 597W Bus (Holy Cross College, Cressy Rd - Lyons Rd West at Innes St) is a route with 30 stops, departing from Holy Cross College, Cressy Rd and ending at its Lyons Rd West at Innes St.

  • Holy Cross College, Cressy Rd

  • St Charles Primary School, Victoria Rd

  • Blaxland Rd before Hatton St

  • Blaxland Rd opp Top Ryde Community Health Centre

  • Church St opp Junction St

  • Church St at Riverside Ave

  • Concord Rd at Cropley St

  • Concord Rd after Llewellyn St

  • Rhodes Station, Concord Rd, Stand B

  • Concord Rd at Phoenix Ave

  • Concord Rd at Merville St

  • Concord Rd at Currawang St

  • Concord Rd at Colane St

  • Concord Rd at Nirranda St

  • Concord Rd after Yaralla St

  • Strathfield North Public School, Concord Rd

  • Concord Fire Station, Concord Rd

  • Wellbank St opp Concord Fire Station

  • Central Park, Wellbank St

  • Concord Library, Wellbank St

  • Concord Shops, Wellbank St

  • Majors Bay Rd at Gallipoli St

  • Rothwell Park, Majors Bay Rd

  • Crane St at Broughton St

  • Crane St opp St Lukes Park North

  • Lyons Rd West opp Bayview Rd

  • Lyons Rd West opp Regatta Rd

  • Lyons Rd West at Corden Ave

  • Lyons Rd West at Preston Ave

  • Lyons Rd West at Innes St

597W Bus schedule

Day Operating Hours Frequency
Mon 15:30 Single departure
Tue 15:30 Single departure
Wed 15:30 Single departure
Thu 14:35 Single departure
Fri 15:30 Single departure
Sat Not Operational Not Operational
Sun Not Operational Not Operational

597W Bus Route Map

The route map for 597W in Sydney will be available soon.

597W Line Bus fare information

Busways North West, 597W Bus fare may fluctuate due to various factors. For detailed information on ticket costs, please visit their official website.

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