Bus - GR20

GR20 Line

Bus Station, Mablethorpe - Queen Elizabeth School, Alford

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Grayscroft Coaches GR20 Bus Stops and Route Schedule

The GR20 Bus (Bus Station, Mablethorpe - Queen Elizabeth School, Alford) is a route with 38 stops, departing from Bus Station, Mablethorpe and ending at its Queen Elizabeth School, Alford.

  • Bus Station, Mablethorpe

  • Barton Court, Mablethorpe

  • Trusville Holiday Village, Trusthorpe

  • Aubrey Parker Close, Trusthorpe

  • James Avenue, Trusthorpe

  • Bray Avenue, Trusthorpe

  • Greenfield Caravan Park, Trusthorpe

  • Trusthorpe Road, Sutton on Sea

  • Park Road, Sutton on Sea

  • Bacchus Hotel, Sutton on Sea

  • Sutton Lodge, Sutton on Sea

  • St Clement's Church, Sutton on Sea

  • Kipling Drive, Sandilands

  • Walkington Way, Sandilands

  • Sea Lane Crossroads, Sandilands

  • Black House Farm, Sandilands

  • Huttoft Bank, Anderby Creek

  • Sea Road, Anderby Creek

  • Council Houses, Anderby

  • Manor Farm Lane End, Anderby

  • Jasmine House, Anderby

  • Village Hall, Anderby

  • Sycamore Farm, Anderby

  • St Andrew's Church, Anderby

  • Anderby Turn, Anderby

  • Manor Farm Cottage, Huttoft

  • St Margaret's Church, Huttoft

  • Mumby Road, Huttoft

  • Manor Farm Cottage, Huttoft

  • Thurlby Motors, Thurlby

  • Needhams Meadow, Bilsby

  • Spar Shop, Bilsby

  • Spendluffe Avenue, Alford

  • Library, Alford

  • Recreation Ground, Alford

  • South Street, Alford

  • 1 Hamilton Road, Alford

  • Queen Elizabeth School, Alford

GR20 Bus schedule

Day Operating Hours Frequency
Mon 07:47 Single departure
Tue 07:47 Single departure
Wed 07:47 Single departure
Thu 07:47 Single departure
Fri 07:47 Single departure
Sat Not Operational Not Operational
Sun Not Operational Not Operational

GR20 Bus Route Map

The route map for GR20 in East Midlands will be available soon.

GR20 Line Bus fare information

Grayscroft Coaches, GR20 Bus fare may fluctuate due to various factors. For detailed information on ticket costs, please visit their official website.