Tassielink - Routes, stops and schedules

Facts about Tassielink

The longest line of Tassielink is: 734. Which begins at Nubeena Rd (Outside Church) and ends Hobart City Franklin Square

The shortest line of Tassielink is: 748. Which begins at Strahan Activity Centre and ends Railway Station, Driffield Street

Tassielink fare information

The prices and expenses associated with various ticket categories are subject to fluctuations influenced by multiple factors. For the most up-to-date details concerning travel charges and convenient online purchase of bus tickets, we recommend visiting the official website of Tassielink. Keep in mind that prices are dynamic and may vary, so it's best to verify them directly on the company's website.

Tassielink schedule

If you're searching for the Tassielink schedule in Hobart, you can easily find all the lines and timings on their website.

Tassielink contact information