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The V/Line (Coach) is a public transportation agency in Melbourne that provides bus services.

In Melbourne, V/Line (Coach) operates 59 bus routes with 877 stops.

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Facts about V/Line (Coach)

The longest line of V/Line (Coach) is: SYDNEY. Which begins at Albury Railway Station (Albury (Nsw)) and ends 85 Franklin St (Adelaide City (Sa))

The shortest line of V/Line (Coach) is: Melbourne - Paynesville Via Bairnsdale. Which begins at Raymond Island Ferry Terminal/Devon Rd (Paynesville) and ends Bairnsdale Railway Station/Macleod St (Bairnsdale)

V/Line (Coach) fare information

The prices and expenses associated with various ticket categories are subject to fluctuations influenced by multiple factors. For the most up-to-date details concerning travel charges and convenient online purchase of bus tickets, we recommend visiting the official website of V/Line (Coach). Keep in mind that prices are dynamic and may vary, so it's best to verify them directly on the company's website.

V/Line (Coach) schedule

If you're searching for the V/Line (Coach) schedule in Melbourne, you can easily find all the lines and timings on their website.

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