Bus - 4105

4105 Line

Weir Rd opp Seventh St - Cross Rd Penrith Anglican College

Busways Western Sydney

Busways Western Sydney 4105 Bus Stops and Route Schedule

The 4105 Bus (Weir Rd opp Seventh St - Cross Rd Penrith Anglican College) is a route with 37 stops, departing from Weir Rd opp Seventh St and ending at its Cross Rd Penrith Anglican College.

  • Weir Rd opp Seventh St

  • Weir Rd opp Ninth St

  • Weir Rd at Sixth St

  • Weir Rd opp Twelfth St

  • Warragamba Silverdale Neighbourhood Centre, Weir Rd

  • Warragamba Public School, Weir Rd

  • Marsh Rd after Warradale Rd

  • Marsh Rd after Coveny St

  • Marsh Rd opp Silverdale Rural Fire Brigade

  • Silverdale Rd opp All St Anglican Church

  • Silverdale Rd before Ridgehaven Rd

  • Silverdale Rd opp Ridgehaven Rd

  • Silverdale Rd opp Waterhouse Dr

  • Silverdale Rd after Econo Pl

  • Silverdale Rd opp Silverdale Shopping Centre

  • Silverdale Rd before Nortons Basin Rd

  • Silverdale Rd opp Warragamba Baptist Church

  • Silverdale Rd

  • Regal Oaks Retirement Village, Greendale Rd

  • Greendale Rd at Roma Ave

  • Davenport Dr before Kadiera Cl

  • Davenport Dr opp Saladillo Gr

  • Matingara Way opp Davenport Dr

  • 1642 Greendale Rd

  • Hopewood Health Centre, Greendale Rd

  • Greendale Rd opp Roma Ave

  • Greendale Rd opp Regal Oaks Retirement Village

  • Mulgoa Rd after Silverdale Rd

  • Mulgoa Rd at Water St

  • Mulgoa Rd after Roscrea Dr

  • Mulgoa Rd opp Winbourne Rd

  • Mulgoa Rd opp Allan Rd

  • Mulgoa Fire Station Mulgoa Rd

  • Mulgoa Public School Mulgoa Rd

  • The Northern Rd opp Defence Orchard hills

  • The Northern Rd before Glenmore Pkwy

  • Cross Rd Penrith Anglican College

4105 Bus schedule

Day Operating Hours Frequency
Mon Not Operational Not Operational
Tue 06:50 Single departure
Wed 06:50 Single departure
Thu 06:50 Single departure
Fri 06:50 Single departure
Sat Not Operational Not Operational
Sun Not Operational Not Operational

4105 Bus Route Map

The route map for 4105 in Sydney will be available soon.

4105 Line Bus fare information

Busways Western Sydney, 4105 Bus fare may fluctuate due to various factors. For detailed information on ticket costs, please visit their official website.

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