Bus - 560W

560W Line

Buffalo Rd before Cressy Rd - Chiswick Shops, Blackwall Point Rd

Busways North West

Busways North West 560W Bus Stops and Route Schedule

The 560W Bus (Buffalo Rd before Cressy Rd - Chiswick Shops, Blackwall Point Rd) is a route with 39 stops, departing from Buffalo Rd before Cressy Rd and ending at its Chiswick Shops, Blackwall Point Rd.

  • Buffalo Rd before Cressy Rd

  • Holy Cross College, Cressy Rd

  • Holy Cross College, Victoria Rd

  • Victoria Rd opp Weaver St

  • Victoria Rd at Monash Rd

  • Victoria Rd at Westminster Rd

  • Victoria Rd opp Gerard St

  • GladesHill Presbyterian Church, Victoria Rd

  • Victoria Rd before Cowell St

  • Victoria Rd after Batemans Rd

  • Victoria Rd opp Gladesville Hospital

  • Victoria Rd at Salter St

  • Victoria Rd after Salter St

  • Victoria Rd opp Gladesville Reserve

  • Victoria Rd opp Riverside Girls High School

  • Westbourne St at Marlborough St

  • Marlborough St before Tavistock St

  • Marlborough St before Lyons Rd

  • Lyons Rd at Tranmere St

  • Lyons Rd at Thompson St

  • Lyons Rd at Gipps St

  • Lyons Rd at Janet St

  • Lyons Rd opp Mons St

  • Lyons Rd after Lamrock Ave

  • Lyons Rd before Ingham Ave

  • Ramsay Rd at Fairlight St

  • Five Dock Shops, Great North Rd

  • Great North Rd before Lyons Rd

  • Great North Rd at Kerin Ave

  • Great North Rd opp Halley St

  • Great North Rd at Reginald St

  • Great North Rd at Bickleigh St

  • Great North Rd opp Abbotsford Public School

  • Blackwall Point Rd after Great North Rd

  • Blackwall Point Rd after Melrose Cr

  • Blackwall Point Rd opp Allison Park

  • Blackwall Point Rd opp Parkview Rd

  • Blackwall Point Rd opp Withers St

  • Chiswick Shops, Blackwall Point Rd

560W Bus schedule

Day Operating Hours Frequency
Mon 15:13 Single departure
Tue 15:13 Single departure
Wed 15:13 Single departure
Thu 14:30 Single departure
Fri 15:13 Single departure
Sat Not Operational Not Operational
Sun Not Operational Not Operational

560W Bus Route Map

The route map for 560W in Sydney will be available soon.

560W Line Bus fare information

Busways North West, 560W Bus fare may fluctuate due to various factors. For detailed information on ticket costs, please visit their official website.

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