Bus - 772

772 Line

Caves Beach Rd opp Caldwell St - St Mary's High School, Pacific Hwy

Newcastle Transport

Newcastle Transport 772 Bus Stops and Route Schedule

The 772 Bus (Caves Beach Rd opp Caldwell St - St Mary's High School, Pacific Hwy) is a route with 60 stops, departing from Caves Beach Rd opp Caldwell St and ending at its St Mary's High School, Pacific Hwy.

  • Caves Beach Rd opp Caldwell St

  • Caves Beach Rd at Yachtsman Ave

  • Caves Beach Rd at Mawson Cl

  • Caves Beach Rd opp Middle St

  • Caves Beach Rd opp Park Ave

  • Park Ave before Ocean View Pde

  • Ocean View Pde at Park Ave

  • Ocean View Pde before New St

  • Ocean View Pde at Caves Beach Rd

  • Caves Beach Uniting Church, Park Ave

  • Swansea High School, Park Ave

  • Caves Beach Tennis Club, Park Ave

  • Bowman St opp Alexander Pl

  • Bowman St at Gray St

  • Swansea Library, Pacific Hwy

  • Pacific Hwy after Lake Rd

  • Pacific Hwy opp Peel St

  • Pacific Hwy after Little Pelican

  • Pacific Hwy after Turea St

  • Pacific Hwy opp Pelican Flat Park

  • Pacific Hwy opp Maneela St

  • Pacific Hwy at Soldiers Rd

  • Lake Macquarie Airport, Pacific Hwy

  • Pacific Hwy at Docker St

  • Pacific Hwy before Docker St

  • Pacific Hwy at Marks Point Rd

  • Pacific Hwy before Emily St

  • Pacific St at Arthur St

  • Pacific Hwy opp Beach St

  • Pacific Hwy at Bellevue Rd

  • Pacific Hwy opp Alick St

  • Hunter TAFE, Pacific Hwy

  • Pacific Hwy before Macquarie St

  • Pacific Hwy after Maude St

  • Pacific Hwy opp Stanley St

  • Pacific Hwy opp Cobbin Pde

  • Floraville Rd opp York Cres

  • Floraville Rd at Fairweather Ave

  • Floraville Rd opp Sampson Ave

  • Floraville Rd opp Marks Oval

  • Floraville Public School, Floraville Rd

  • Floraville Rd at Victoria St

  • Floraville Rd at Harold St

  • Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children, Floraville Rd

  • 101 Violet Town Rd

  • Violet Town Rd opp Camberwarra Dr

  • Pacific Hwy at Violet Town Rd

  • Pacific Hwy opp Dalrymple St

  • 120 Pacific Hwy

  • Pacific Hwy opp Ntaba Rd

  • Pacific Hwy at South St

  • Pacific Hwy opp Groves Rd

  • Pacific Hwy after Lake St

  • Pacific Hwy opp Oakdale Ave

  • Hunter Sports High, Pacific Hwy

  • Wiripaang Public School, Pacific Hwy

  • Pacific Hwy at Hughes St

  • Oxford St at O'Brien St

  • Pacific Hwy after Oxford St

  • St Mary's High School, Pacific Hwy

772 Bus schedule

Day Operating Hours Frequency
Mon Not Operational Not Operational
Tue 07:45 Single departure
Wed 07:45 Single departure
Thu 07:45 Single departure
Fri 07:45 Single departure
Sat Not Operational Not Operational
Sun Not Operational Not Operational

772 Bus Route Map

The route map for 772 in Sydney will be available soon.

772 Line Bus fare information

Newcastle Transport, 772 Bus fare may fluctuate due to various factors. For detailed information on ticket costs, please visit their official website.